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Why is She famous

Not since the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly has an actress possessed such a potent cocktail of elegance and beauty as Natalie Portman. A maturity well beyond her years and a subtle sexuality that creeps up on you (it emerged full force in Closer), Portman has become one of the most coveted and successful actresses in Hollywood.

The Harvard grad can do big-budget blockbusters (Star Wars, V For Vendetta) and character-driven dramas (The Other Boleyn Girl, Brothers) with equal amounts of ease, and has managed to avoid scandal and tabloid overkill despite living in the public eye since she was just 12 years old. And just when Portman’s star couldn’t possibly get any brighter, she goes ahead and wins a Golden Globe Award and an Oscar for her harrowing portrayal of a ballerina in crisis in Darren Aronofsky’s psychosexual masterpiece, Black Swan.

Natalie Portman Quote

" Young actors often don't think of the consequences of doing nudity or sex scenes. They want the role so badly that they agree to be exploited, and then end up embarrassing family, friends and even strangers.
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